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The LIFE project Resilfor will be this year the Summer School 2011 organized by the National Park, Laboratory of Conservation Genetics and ISPRA University Residential Centre of Bertinoro (CeUB). The course will be held in St. Sophia July 19 to 23.

The school, titled "Natura 2000: THE INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF FORESTS. Opportunities for biodiversity conservation and the development of professionalism in the fields of natural, "as its theme this year will be the conservation of forest areas within th
e Natura 2000 network, an important tool for conservation and preservation of biodiversity in Europe . The school will consist of five days of lectures and field held by lecturers, researchers and specialists in the field, from universities, museums and Italian research centers. It is aimed especially at undergraduate and graduate students, professionals and officials of public bodies and protected areas, which will be given the opportunity to discover the protected area through tours in the company of researchers and employees of the Park.

We discuss resilfor on 22 July.



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New reproduction of silver fir

New Project a
ctivities RESILFOR 2011:
Action C1: the reproduction of grafting seedlings of Abies alba from indigenous peoples of the Apennines.

New collections of slips to Pigelleto (M. Amiata, Siena), in the coming days will begin in the Forest of Casentino Verna (
Arezzo) and Bocca Trabaria (in the province of Pesaro Urbino).

They involved three nurseries: Florame in the province of Siena, Nursery Cerreta for the valley of Casentino in the province of Arezzo and nursery Assam in Sant'Angelo in Vado in the province of Pesaro Urbino. 3 tree-climbers are involved for the collection of slips, 12 workers for grafting. 3000 grafts are produced and ready for the autumn of 2011.


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Under the "File download" are available "Abstract of the Workshop" on 9-10 July 2010.

The reports that are reported in this document are the result of transcription of the speeches and presentations presented at the workshop held in the LIFE project Resilfor Acquasanta Terme July 9, 2010.
Abstracts are not by the author and are useful to illustrate the contents of the intervention of the author.
For more details see the attached file of the presentation.



On 9 and 10 July 2010 is held to Acquasanta Terme (Ascoli Piceno) Workshop on the project.
The 9 days we speak of native forests with Abies alba, ecological, vegetational, zoological, and forestry.
The second day visit to the SIC Valle della Corte in the National Park of Gran Sasso.

Program July 9
Hours 10.30 - Marco Paci (Department of Forestry and Environmental Technologies, Florence)
The forests of Abies alba in Central Italy, issues management and conservation
Hours 10.50 - Fulvio Ducci (CRA-Experimental Institute for Forestry, Arezzo)
Genetic aspects on the conservation of the species
Hours 11.10 - coffee break
Hours 11.30 - Carlo Urbinati (Polytechnic University of Marche)
Climate sensitivity and adaptability of the silver fir in Italy and in central Apennines
Hours 11.50 - Alfredo Bresciani (Mountain Community of Casentino, Arezzo)
Wildlife and Forestry in the forests of Abies alba in the Casentino (Arezzo)
Hours 15.15 - Giovanni Bacaro (Department of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Siena)
Flora and vegetation of beech forests in central-northern Apennines
Hours 15.35 - E. Santini and V. Gallucci (Polytechnic University of Marche)
The beech forests with Abies alba and Taxus baccata in the Monti della Laga
Hours 16.15 - G. Tellini Florenzano (DREAm. Italy, Arezzo)
Biodiversity of the fir: the case of birds
Hours 16.35 - Marcello Miozzo (DREAm. Italy, Arezzo)
Presentation of the LIFE Project RESILFOR

In the download section you can download the program for the event.


It 'was shown the technique of grafting to Abies alba.

The Forestry Research CRA Arezzo, Fulvio Ducci, has experienced this delicate type of graft and played a practical lesson to the workers of the nurseries FLORAMIATA (SI) and the Mountain Community of  Casentino (AR). The grafts were performed using the following material:

twigs collected from sites Pigelleto and Mount La Verna in Casentino. The grafts were harvested from plants identified on the ground with a number and your GPS position.
rootstocks of two types: 2 +2 and 2 +3

types of engagement are:
Direct, on drums with a size between 7 and 5 mm
the side of the stem

The grafts were transferred in a cold greenhouse (T ° C 15-16) with a constant humidity


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