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Salamandrina dagli occhiali

Salamandrina dagli occhiali settentrionale, Salamandrina perspicillata

Salamandrina perspicillata is an endemic species of peninsular Italy from Liguria to the northern Campania, it is linked to well-structured forest dominated by deciduous, located a few meters above sea level up to 1500 m, crossed by streams and rivers not polluted and devoid of fish, which is the egg-laying (Sindaco et al., 2006; Lanza et al., 2007).

For its reproduction needs calm waters, along the meanders of the streams or ponds, where it deposits its eggs attach them to the branches and twigs. The maturation of tadpoles takes place in late June and early July to complete the reproduction is necessary for the deposition and growth ponds still contain water.

The change of the system of storms may be a risk factor for the salamander because it can affect the regularity and quantity of groundwater, resulting in reduced water flow and irregularities of thewaterways by influencing the amount of suitable breeding sites for this species.

The second risk factor is given by predation by other species. Generally watercourses suitable for the reproduction of the salamander are found frequent trout that feeds the tadpoles of this species also determine a significant reduction.

This species is mentioned in Annex II and IV of Directive 97/82 CE and it is protected in Tuscany by L.R. 58/2000.

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