Started the action "C2" for SCI "Alpe della Luna Bocca Trabaria"

Tuesday, 27 December 2011 18:24

Initiated the action "C2" for SCI "Alpe della Luna Bocca Trabaria". The first cutting of the forest areas have been implemented and will be completed in the autumn with the planting of Abies alba, local provenance.

Each of the 25 areas covered in the site have the average size of 500 m2 and feature a band of sparse boundary of about 3000 m2.

The cuts remove especialy medium, small trees of beech, and left big and old trees. The old trees are very common in some SIC areas, they derived by old coltural cycles when the beech forest was used for pasture.The old plants are very rich of necrosis and rot wood that rappresent very important microhabitat for saproxilic insects.